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Two Bully-Inspired Good Deeds

More often than not bullying leads to hurt, anger and more bullying. But, two recent instances of bullying, […]

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good news

Sharing Beauty

We rarely see or hear about all the amazing, kind and thoughtful things that people do around the […]

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the brain

Using The Brain To Learn About The Brain

Think about it, scientists who study the brain are using their brains to learn about the very thing […]

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You Light Up My Brain

We’ve all felt it at least once or twice in our lives. That sense of recognition when you […]

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belief in miracles

Cultivating Belief In Miracles

I am here to tell you something profound. Miracles are the norm. That’s right. So many people believe […]

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unified field

Learning To Play The Unified Field

Okay, you may think I’m getting ready to tell you how you can ‘play the field’ in the […]

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