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Cultivating Belief In Miracles

I am here to tell you something profound. Miracles are the norm.

That’s right. So many people believe that miracles are few and far between. But I’m with Einstein who said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I believe everything is a miracle.

I believe that we humans are capable of performing miracles every moment of our lives. But I also believe that we are so cut off from the reality and essence of life that we no longer recognize the miraculous, even in the very air that we breathe.

It took me quite some time to be aware of the magical and mystical nature of life. Life has unique ways of waking us humans up to Its True Nature. More often than not, we have to face dire circumstances before we are shaken to the absolute core of our existence.

When that happens, then we know. Something powerful – more powerful than anything we could imagine – is at work behind the scenes of our everyday existence.

If we open our minds and hearts to the possibility that we are both living miracles and living-miracles, we just might not have to experience ‘disastrous’ circumstances in order to believe. We might then, as a species, experience peace and miracles as the norm on this beautiful planet.

When I faced my thought of ‘ending it all,’ I was graced with knowing that I had a choice: I could end it, or I could try something new, something radically different. Simple as that. Knowing that I have a choice every minute of every day is tremendous power! Life is not happening to me. Life is happening with and for me – even the tough stuff. Through the tough stuff, I always learn something. Every thought, action, experience and feeling are born from the moment I choose.

Wouldn’t it be grand if we all knew we could create miracles non-stop?!

In my way, I’d love to make that happen.

Maybe you think I’m full of baloney. But if you’re the least bit curious and open to the possibility that miracles can be the norm, I’d love to hear from you.