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Discovering Balance (Probably Not The Kind You Think) to Create Your Dreams

Life. Such a short, yet power-packed word.

Don’t we humans seem to take life for granted without giving much thought to the true meaning of the word? I did. I just assumed I’d wake up every morning and do my thing. Until I couldn’t.

Life is an endless creative process from which we emerge full of expectations. When those don’t pan out, however, we each react differently.

Some go with the flow. Some resist and rebel. Some defy the odds that seem stacked against them.

Sensing That There’s Something More To It

Ultimately, we each get to a place/time in our lives when we start to sense there’s something more to us than meets the eye. Some deeper meaning is itching to get our attention and come to the foreground.

As I mentioned, life is endlessly creative, and it wants to express itself through us human beings. That is the gift of being human, the grandeur of the human experience. We are vehicles through which life expresses itself – vroom! When we hit that ‘Aha!’ moment, we begin to understand our powerfully creative role on the stage of life. Sometimes, though, it takes some real prodding to wake us to this understanding.

This prodding often comes in a form that we humans consider tragic or disastrous. No matter how it comes – as a knock upside the head, a kick in the gut, an accident or a deep loss – if we start paying attention, we eventually see it as life showing us something that we’ve not seen or understood before. Intrigued, we embark on a new course and begin to more consciously manifest our deepest desires and dreams.

Getting Stuck in The Process

After we have wake up, either a little or a lot, to the deeper meaning of life, our Why, our raison d’être – we are full of excitement, energy and purpose. We do the work, constantly learning how to create. Sometimes, though, we get in our own way again. We lose sight of or are not yet aligned with real understanding. We think we are supposed to make things happen, so we fall into well-worn paths of forcing our creations into being. That simply won’t work.

My greatest teacher-of-life, Dr. Joe Dispenza, talks about this juncture. He talks about learning how to balance intention and surrender. We often feel like we can’t manifest what we need, want or desire. Although we think we have surrendered, he says that our sense of surrender really isn’t surrender at all.

Here’s what Dr. Joe says on the subject: “The balance between intention and surrender is a delicate one. Intention is getting clear on what we want, and surrender is trusting in the best outcome.”

Notice that he says best outcome, not a specific outcome. He continues, “On the one hand, if you over intend, you’re trying to make things happen; on the other, if you over surrender, then you’re lazy, lethargic, and you’ll make a minimal effort. It’s a bit of a razor’s edge, which is why I think we have to lay down the very thing we’ve used our whole life to get what we want, for something greater to occur. It sounds easy enough until we have to put it into practice.”

Surrender the ‘How of How’

Many of us think we are in control of things. We think we orchestrate how our lives will turn out. Indeed, in infinite ways we can, but it is a delicate dance.

As Dr. Joe writes, “If you’re familiar with my work, by now you’ve heard me say a thousand times that to create something out of nothing, we need to match a clear intention with an elevated emotion. But that’s just the beginning. Next, we need to remain in the energy of that creation – day in and day out… Then, we surrender the how of how our creation shows up. This means we’re not only trusting a greater mind is organizing our creation in a way that’s right for us, but we allow it to unfold in a new and different way than what we had previously planned or anticipated. Think about it – if you knew what to do you probably would have done it already. That’s called the known.”

Wanting More

This elegant balance, however you achieve it, is key to blossoming into the true you! I am on a mission to help people discover who they really are, what they can do beyond what they ever thought possible, and what they can learn from the teachers that have guided me on my own journey. If your heart and soul are enlivened or you’re just plain psyched to know more, I would love to hear from you.