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Inspiring Speaker, Best-Selling Author® and Advisor, Rosie Unite Shows How Meeting Bullies With Love Can Result In Life Affirming, Possibilities For All Involved

Rosie Unite, Founder and CEO of ImaginateLife®, Inspiring Speaker, Best-Selling Author® and Advisor, shares two positive stories to help readers deal with bullies in a way that cultivates new possibilities instead of more bullying.

LONDON, UK – February 15, 2019 – Rosie Unite, Founder and CEO of ImaginateLife®, and co-author of The Big Question, with Larry King, Success Breakthroughs, with Jack Canfield, and Performance 360: Second Edition with Richard Branson, has posted a new blog on her website entitled, “Two Bully-Inspired Good Deeds.” Ms. Unite sheds light on why people bully and shows what can happen when someone takes time to get to know the bully.

Unite writes, “More often than not bullying leads to hurt, anger and more bullying.” “But,” she adds, “two recent instances of bullying, one that I read about on social media and the other on, led to two separate acts of loving kindness that changed several people’s lives.”

She shares, “I was bullied as a child and teenager. In fact, it’s 2019, and it still happens. It’s not often, but it still makes me think, “Really?!” Unite continues, “One for the record books happened in my local coffee shop. When I ordered my cappuccino, the man behind me told me to “speak proper English” among other things. Can’t make this stuff up!” Sincerely, she adds, “I know that many bullies feel unsafe and unwanted. So, although it’s sometimes hard, send them tons of love, I say! And that’s why I love these two stories.”

“The first is what a father did when he found out his 8-year old son was being bullied by another young boy,” Rosie shares. She elaborates, “Instead of getting angry, the father decided to find out what was at the root of the bully’s actions. He invited the boy to some one-on-one time together.” According to Rosie, “The father discovered that the other boy was homeless (his family lived in a car) and other kids picked on him for wearing dirty, smelly clothes. Immediately, the father took the boy shopping and bought him new clean clothes. They spent the rest of the day driving around and singing along to songs on the radio.” Rosie says, “Read the heartwarming story here:

The entire blog can be read at

About Rosie Unite and ImaginateLife®

Rosie Unite is Founder and CEO of ImaginateLife®, a for-profit global social impact venture that was born from an unexpected, extraordinary event that forever transformed her life.

She is passionate about the power of neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, and spirituality to heal bodies, elevate minds, and transform lives. Known as The Possibilities Whisperer®, Rosie shares her own extraordinary transformation to help others. She offers keynote speeches, workshops, and advisory services that inspire, empower, and seed a greater consciousness in the world.

Rosie is grateful for her greatest teacher-of-life, Dr. Joe Dispenza, compassionate visionary, neuroscientist, educator, and NY Times best-selling author. She has completed 11 of his workshops, mostly Advanced/Advanced-Follow-Ups, and is honored to have participated in his global research on meditation effects on the brain and body. She has been QEEG brain mapped by neuroscientists, measured for heart coherence by HeartMath Institute, and tested for individual energy fields by GDV technology.

Rosie is a lifelong student of holistic learning, leading, and service.

A Wharton MBA, she was invited to the ThoughtLeader® Summit, and is a member of the National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers® and National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®. She received Quilly Awards® for three books she has co-authored: The Big Question, with media and CNN legend Larry King; Professional Performance 360 Special Edition: Success, 2nd Edition, with business magnate Sir Richard Branson; and Success Breakthroughs, with Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series (500+ million printed). Rosie is a Certified Trainer in his best-selling book The Success Principles™ and the Canfield Methodology™.

She received two EXPY® Awards for co-authoring the children’s book Leo Learns About Life and serving as Executive Producer of the documentary film The Voice of a Generation: An Evening with Larry King. Rosie has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Success Today, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal. She has delivered her keynote at Success LIVE™, Women Economic Forum (“Iconic Women, Better World” Award), and Global Entrepreneurship Initiative hosted at the United Nations Headquarters.

In her 30-year global career, Rosie has been a leader in social impact and Fortune 500 corporates. She began in the Peace Corps, advising entrepreneurs and micro-finance programs. Rosie then helped launch and grow new companies and mobile, telecommunications, and digital technologies.

She has worked with well-known organizations, including: Sprint, GTE/Verizon, DoubleClick/Google, Johnson & Johnson, Silicon Graphics/HP Enterprise, France Telecom, Intelig Brazil/TIM Italy, Deutsche Telekom, World Bank, Women’s World Banking, IDB, Academy for Educational Development, and Habitat for Humanity.

Rosie is also a Sivananda Hatha Yoga Certified Instructor and completed Vipassana 10-Day Meditation and Levels 1-2-3 of EFT Universe’s Certification Program (i.e. Tapping). Fulfilling a childhood dream, she has traveled in 65 countries and lived in eight: USA, Brazil, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Spain, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, and UK.

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