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Learning To Play The Unified Field

Okay, you may think I’m getting ready to tell you how you can ‘play the field’ in the traditional sense of this expression, which is when someone is not yet interested in making a commitment and prefers to indulge in a series of fun flings. But hold onto your hat.

I’m getting ready to tell you about something far more exciting: How to play the Unified Field of creation.

Whether you want to indulge in a series of fun flings or find somebody special or learn to play the tuba, the Unified Field will bring it to you. You simply have to tell it what you want and mean it with all your heart and soul, then let go of the how…

What Is The Unified Field?

Don’t worry. I’m not going to get all science-y or woo-woo on you. I’m neither a scientist nor a guru. Suffice it to say that I discovered the meaning of the Unified Field during the darkest time of my life. It was a time when I thought… well, you probably get the gist of it… It was as bad as it sounds.

I suddenly found myself deciding to ‘stay’ after I had put myself in the dangerous position of being taken out. It was only then that The Field woke me up—in the most playful and unexpected way – to the absolute oneness and wonderfulness of everything: Every breath, every movement, every sound, every scent and every breeze.

The Splendor Of Universal Laws

I woke up an understanding that we live in the Unified Field and the Unified Field lives in us. The Principle of Life and all universal laws function flawlessly as The Field. When we quiet our minds in meditation, we sense the oneness and pervasiveness of this Field. When we clearly express what we want from the depths of our heart and soul, the Unified Field cannot refuse to bring it to us. In fact, in the infinite realm of possibilities, what we want already exists. The Field is just waiting for us to open up, realize it is always there – and be ready to receive all its gorgeous gifts.

Are you ready to learn how to play the Unified Field?