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Sharing Beauty

We rarely see or hear about all the amazing, kind and thoughtful things that people do around the world every day.

Unfortunately, we’re bombarded with deflating, unpleasant things 24×7. I know I always have a choice to fill my brain cells and fire my neural networks with what I do, read, hear and watch. So, this former news junkie now only seeks out stories that inspire, challenge (in admirable ways) and elevate energy – to share with others.

That’s why I like to browse through websites devoted to uplifting, mind-and-heart-opening news and stories, such as Good News Network (GNN), Positive.News, Sunny Skyz, Big Think, Mental Floss, HuffPost Good News, and others.

In a story shared on GNN, a man brought his powerful telescope to public places in L.A. and focused it on the moon during different lunar phases. It wasn’t long before curious passersby asked him about his contraption because it didn’t look like an ordinary telescope. He told them what it was and asked if they would like to look at the moon. In the short video below (with Debussy’s idyllic background music) you’ll see how this man, Wylie Overstreet, gave people the moon! He brought it so close to them that they felt like they could reach out and touch it!

We don’t get to travel to the moon like astronauts, but someday…

In the meantime, we do get to see it hanging majestically in the night sky. This amazing, glowing orb has so much influence on our planet’s tides as well as our personal moods (ever watch the luminous scenes in the Oscar winning Moonstruck?!). Wylie and his telescope brought ineffable beauty to those who chose to stop for a few seconds… and discover! And thanks to the ‘net, he brought that wonder to countless others who admire la luna bella from wherever they are on the globe.

This touching video brought me to tears. I’m honored to have witnessed (via cyberspace) those awe-struck people feeling their oneness with the cosmos. Their gasps of reverence were palpable; Wylie’s closing words magical. I am grateful for creative, inspired actions of “ordinary” people whose seemingly simple acts send you over the moon… with love! I hope you’ll take a few moments to experience the beauty of one man’s gift at