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Discovering Balance (Probably Not The Kind You Think) to Create Your Dreams


Life. Such a short, yet power-packed word. Don’t we humans seem to take life for granted without giving much thought to the true meaning of the word? I did. I just assumed I’d wake up every morning and do my thing. Until I couldn’t. Life is an endless creative process from which we emerge full […]

Book she co-authored
with Larry King

Rosie is a co-author with Larry King in his best-selling Book The Big Question, in which she has had the unique opportunity to share her story with the world. 

I was very touched by her story and her candidness. Rosie really opened up and talked about her journey. I felt an immediate connection with her because I went through my own journey.

It was so nice to meet her afterwards. I’d love to see more people read Rosie’s story, reach out to her, help her in her work — and have it spread everywhere!

— Vesna, USA

Her core message teaches us how so many of us ‘get it wrong’ — the way we live, how we think, and the ideas that we give weight to don’t serve us well. Her sharing today was so uplifting because all of us have gone through the same or similar kinds of trauma and self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that can take us to some terrible places.

I’m so glad she’s sending the message out in her own powerful way. I truly believe she’s giving people new ways of thinking and being… to create their futures. This is timely and important. I’ll be following her, and I hope other thought leaders and powerful people will join her in her efforts.


For any millennial, if you’re suffering with your identity, happiness, or perspective — take a moment to listen to Rosie.

This woman is my documented hero! She’s the woman I want to be!

She’s amazing, absolutely phenomenal. She’s changed many lives, and she’s changed my life. I’m so excited for her to stand beside me as I impact and influence millennials around me.

If you’re looking for that Buddha or that elite wise woman who truly can teach you how to center yourself, tap into your fullest potential, and then just let go — Rosie is the woman to go to!


I felt her message in every cell of my body. It came from her heart and touched me very deeply. We must believe in our power. When we know who we really are — anything is possible! We need more people like Rosie in the world. She’s incredible.


A big thank you for your presentation, Rosie. Your journey has been my journey.


It was so amazing to hear you, see you, and feel what was happening when you told us your story — explaining what you discovered and sharing now with such power.

The way you explained about choosing goodness, and choosing it so clearly, came across powerfully. I sensed everyone took that on board — how much can happen if you choose, with such clarity, to be good to ourselves.

To watch you share that message with such love and with so much helpful information filled me love and joy. It is fantastic to see you in that space, in that ability and in that openness. I am so happy for you.


I loved this evening with you. I loved the story, the way you told it, the way you put yourself in it. It made me feel how powerful the life force can be, how powerful life can be, and how powerful you can be within yourself.

It really opened my mind and my heart as to what we are able to do — having focus on what we want to do with life. It inspires me. I’ve never done any form of this before and I really want to try it. Thank you.


It’s a wonderful presentation — linking, somehow, the universe together. It makes me feel that it all falls into place. We are all connected to one another, and we are all energies which are affecting one another — and the universe.

It was very easily understandable and a user-friendly way of explaining, through examples, how the mind is connected with science and beyond. It really prompts me to dive more into this. These ideas should be spread across the universe, by people, one by one.

I see your work as one great contribution to raise awareness about this — and inspire one another to keep an open mind, build it into our everyday life, and view how we see our journey here.


Your keynote made me feel more connected to what I have been learning. Today, I connected to an energy that I hadn’t connected to in a long time.

Your talk helped me understand the science. A lot of what you talked about is what I would like to study. Getting to have things re-explained to me and having your story as well, the combination was really helpful.

A lot of the questions I had were answered — especially getting to see the brainwaves and the chart of all the changes medically was extremely helpful.

You would be an amazing guest speaker — think about speaking with students!

You are a beautiful speaker, and your story definitely needs to be told, as I believe there are a lot of people who don’t know how to believe in these things and having the scientific data is always a sure way to get people to understand!

Thank you again, you really helped me understand myself and my own journey — and it was really validating to see the data for that.


I just wanted to say how phenomenal Rosie’s talk on neuroscience was and how when she changed her perspective and rested and cleaned out the negative thoughts — how it completely changed her life.

Not only does she tell her personal story but she actually did the research. She showed us the clinical data, which is very important, and she could have a big effect if she was able to get out there and share this with everybody.

This has to be talked about more. I can see her on Ted Talks — easily, she can get there! Thank you, Rosie. I’m so happy I met you!


Your keynote was amazing! I was really gripped by it all the way through. It came from the heart. It brought tears to my eyes, but that’s because I feel the truth in it.

Knowing everything that I have been working to, to this moment… has all been brought together by science and your experience of science. I know it works, but I never bought into it.

It inspires me to make this work, make this happen. Change. Think good thoughts. Believe good thoughts. Saying yes instead of no. It has brought all that to one big, massive, enormous conclusion.

Fabulous! Amazeballs! Brilliant!


I truly admire you for being so brave to share this. I very much like the personal note, clearly linking it with our common experiences.

You made me feel connected and also made me feel excited and grateful to have that trust that it is going to happen. It makes me feel inspired to pay more attention to my thoughts.

It opened my heart and mind to this possibility that it is possible to bring positive experiences into your life. Thank you for your keynote. Really inspiring.


Rosie is a brilliant speaker and when she tells her story, you are really engaged listening to it. The scientific bits… It’s important stuff. But the story — that will blow them away.


Your keynote made me feel so optimistic about the future — because this is exactly what the world needs now. It opened the possibilities that I could work with my own “stuff” that I have been working with for so many years. Combining two different worlds, the business world and the spiritual world — that is my passion. So that inspired me to further investigation.

Also, the way you share and the things you say keep opening people’s hearts. Keep talking because you are making a difference. It was really thorough. Thought-provoking. Made me feel joy, hope and connection.

Thank you very much and look forward to following you in the future.


Amazing story. I’m so moved, so touched to the core.

Her message is so clearly needed now because so many people are in deep pain. They need to hear her because she brings light, hope, and purpose through her own journey to those who may feel they don’t have those things.

She’s a wonderful ray of light. Her energy is palpable. Thank goodness she’s with us to share her wisdom.


This made me feel really inspired. It made me feel connected. It opened my heart and mind to new possibilities. I like the science and medical background to back it up. It made it seem more real. It gave a name to things that I already know exist, which is really nice.

It inspired me to be kinder to myself and highlighted the importance of small simple rituals. And to take time to do things properly, take care of yourself — how important that is.


How do I sum up in words something that has moved me more than I could ever have imagined?  Rosie’s presentation left my jaw dropping and my mind swirling with questions. I was deeply moved by the personal experiences shared, but more than that, she gave me hope.

A hope that thoughts and feelings can change your path. A hope that beauty can come from sadness. And a hope that so many question marks can finally be answered in time — with patience, a centered heart, and an open mind, all working together in unison.  Thank you for opening that door.


Rosie’s inspiring talk blows me away! I’m grateful and encouraged. Her message is so powerful and timely in today’s world. We need to remember the truth about the universe, about all of us as energy, and that we all deserve to live the life we want.

Her story is so touching because we share similar struggles and challenges. She resonates with people from all walks of life. Make sure you and your loved ones read her book and connect with her.

Her message will change your life.


She is very enthusiastic, very authentic. I enjoyed her story about how she overcame her own personal circumstances to deliver tonight’s presentation. I thought it was from the heart, and it really connected with the room.


Rosie is a very engaging trainer. I found her presentation style very open and honest.


This type of workshop is very relevant. I’ve been on many courses before. One thing I particularly enjoyed about this was the high level of energy and the fact that we were at ease very quickly.

I think this workshop was a little bit more personal. There was a lot more interaction early on. Other workshops may take a couple of hours to get relaxed, whereas with this, you are right in there — with simple concepts that are reinforced and authentic.


At the workshop, I’ve taken away the idea of taking 100% responsibility for the things that you do. I just feel it’s the way to really reinforce your own actions and the way that you work through life.


Rosie is a beast! She has incredible energy, and she’s excitable. She’s passionate about what she is doing, and she believes in it — you can feel that.

She doesn’t hide what she wants out of the experience. She doesn’t hide what she thinks everyone is capable of, which is exciting. If you know she believes it, then you believe it yourself.


The workshop was unlike any other I have been to. There was very much a sense of safety and openness that was established quite quickly. I felt very comfortable all the way through it.


The most important thing I got out of today is that your thoughts determine your actions — and it can determine your quality of your life.


She’s brilliant! She’s very engaging, and she grabs your attention. You can hear it; people listen. When she speaks, everything goes quiet.

— Charl, LONDON, UK

I was very interested in the neuroscience behind our thoughts — what actually happens to your body and what triggers your brain in one second, one thought, one breath. Fascinating!


I think Rosie is an absolutely fantastic trainer and teacher. I would love to work with her.


It made me realize that it’s about self-awareness and controlling and changing your emotions. It helped me define some of the emotions that I’ve been feeling, but didn’t realize before.

She was very dynamic and used examples from her own life. That was really good and very interesting.


It was a really interesting and interactive workshop. It wasn’t one where I was just sitting and listening to the presenter talk, but there was a lot of opportunity to share things and a lot of partner work — in a way that was very open. I felt very supported and comfortable. There were a lot of strategies that I felt that I could apply to situations when I left here.


I feel uplifted and inspired to know how powerful your thoughts are and how much we can apply this to everyday life. There’s a lot that I can take away today. I recommend this workshop to anybody who wants to make a change. And I definitely recommend it to companies — especially in stressful environments.


Today was amazing. I feel like I’ve got a clear plan on how I can implement change.

You could feel that everything came from her heart. She was genuine and enthusiastic. The way Rosie interacted with us and shared how she changed herself… It’s going to help me implement it in my personal life as well.


I’ve been doing Dr. Joe’s work, and I wanted to get a firmer foundation of my understanding. Now, I’ve got a very good model.

What I love about Rosie is she’s a New Yorker with high energy. She’s not in your face, though, so she gets it just right for the British audience. She’s enthusiastic. She’ll take questions. She’s encouraging us. If you’re a corporation looking to do some work like this, I can highly recommend it.


It was a great opportunity to see what I could take back to the workplace. A lot of things give us stress and make us frustrated. These tools are perfect to implement.

She was fantastic. She was totally engaging and made everyone feel comfortable. And because of that comfort, we were willing to participate. I would recommend this for anyone who is interested in neuroscience.


Coming to a workshop like this is valuable from start to end. I felt something within me change, actually, really positive. I feel a lot clearer on how  to move forward with my working life and personal life. I feel inspired to take action. I have all the answers within myself, and using the techniques and tools is going to help me move forward.

Rosie’s got this energy about her, which is really kind of infectious, and it makes you want to be engaged in what she’s saying. Having someone like that demonstrate this is valuable. A lot of what she said resonated with me. I feel she’s going to play a big part in this movement.


I came to the workshop to increase my knowledge and understanding of myself — and how I can upgrade myself and my awareness throughout real life. I’ve been following Dr. Joe’s work. Seeing it on a more granular, practical level that I can use on a day to day basis was really good. The material was much easier for me to take on board.

Rosie’s made for this. It’s her energy, her passion, and her vulnerability, when needed, to engage the audience. She wants us to learn this stuff. She is the change she wants to see in the world.


I think the model of change is fascinating. It was compacted into a very practical, easily implementable way. I realized that through fear I was holding onto 7% of my income and sacrificing 50% in return — and a lot of quality of life. These techniques were very effective to help me move through that. I could take very practical next steps.

Rosie’s got incredible energy. She’s very kind, got a big heart, and you really feel that. I’ve already told a lot of people to go see her.


There are specific models that allow you to make changes in your life. They’re all science-backed and make perfect sense.

Today highlighted for me self-limiting behaviors and thoughts that are actually creating my future. All I need to be thinking about is how do I change that behavior and make it stick? I’ve had a lot of challenges at work, and today has given me the clarity to move forward without as much worry or stress.

Rosie is a force of nature. She is so giving, very welcoming, and extremely kind. She gets across the material with a lot of passion because of what’s happened with her in the past. She lives and breathes the material — which is probably the most important thing for anyone that’s delivering a course.


The workshop was so inspirational and practical — and I’ve got the tools. So, it was a fantastic investment.

Rosie is so passionate about this process. More importantly, she makes it easy for you to understand. With even the really complex stuff that we did, she took a lot of time to make sure we understood it. Her competence and caring… she was fantastic. I’ve been to a lot of leadership and training events, and she’s one of the best I’ve experienced.


NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) tools were simple, but powerful. You can use them every day and experience change in your life. If I’m feeling stuck, these help me move forward and evolve. You’re more conscious of your unconscious thoughts — and create a better reality for yourself. I’m feeling inspired, excited, and uplifted.

Rosie’s passion filters through everyone. She’s excellent, articulate, and knows the work inside out. She applies the work to her real life — living it, being it, and not just teaching it.

The workshop is not just for the individual. If each person can change, then a whole organization or corporation can change — and that filters to everybody, even families and friends. It’s creating a movement, and I think it’s incredible… the work that she’s doing.


We invited NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) into our company because we know we can become more compassionate, coherent, and productive. Dr. Joe’s work created “Aha!” moments for us. When a stressed client called during the workshop — affecting everyone — we knew: “That’s exactly why we have Rosie from NCS here today!” Rosie listened, believed in us, and helped us apply key concepts.

To change takes great will. Post-workshop, we did mental rehearsals together for 30 days — though for some, it was difficult. By nurturing the right workplace environment in this year of mega-change, we challenge and connect with each other in creative ways to stay top-notch.

We gifted our team the chance to create new thoughts that can change everything for them — professionally and personally. We look forward to working with NCS again in the future.


I reached out to Rosie because, no matter how hard I tried, I had no clarity as to whether or not to receive a health/medical treatment. I was feeling foggy, afraid, bewildered, and angry for a number of months. And these feelings caused me loss of sleep and more back pain.

In working with Rosie, a great weight was lifted off of me. I felt lighter, clear, and on target for the choice I made. It quite surprised me after being so deeply anguished.

I felt secure, safe, acknowledged, seen, and heard. And from there I received the gift of clarity and knowing. Now, I am joyful, humble, and deeply grateful.


The sessions with Rosie fly by. Deep internal shifts happened for me as she skillfully guided reflections and questions… and heard me out. I felt every time invigorated, wiser, and more connected to my heart… knowing what to do next.

Sending many wishes of abundance of wisdom to her and to all those who encounter her. You are fortunate beings. With sincere thanks to Rosie for her practice and walking the walk.


Rosie took me on a deep journey, exploring my happiest dreams and addressing deep-rooted anxieties. She taught me tools to help me deal with issues, triggers, and stressors that I struggle with. I immediately put these methods into practice and am reaping the benefits of these new ways of thinking and being.

I am so hugely grateful, Rosie, for your care, dedication, insight, knowledge, and skills. You listen so intently and show me paths when all I see are voids. Thank you so much for showing me how to see that a different way of life is possible and for setting me firmly on the path to recovery and renewal.


Rosie helps you become the highest expression of yourself. Sometimes, I feel that she has more faith in me than I do, and that leads me to rethink and keep believing in and improving myself every day.

With her as my coach, I’ve been able to see my progress, thanks to her dedication and focus. I’ve been able to assimilate and apply so much of what she’s taught me about heart and brain coherence.

I fulfill the promises that I’ve made for myself. I meditate daily. I’m consciously aware of my thoughts. The quality of my sleep has improved considerably.

With her self-awareness and self-regulation tools and mentorship, I overcome whatever is necessary. I’m more relaxed and confident that life is in my favor. Always grateful for you, Rosie!


I’m deeply grateful for Rosie. I clearly understand what was blocking me from achieving my dreams and goals and causing me mental and physical stress.
Most importantly, she helped me define an action plan to getting there, nothing complicated, after guiding me through a powerful meditative experience. I transformed my main stressor, a strong and very negative feeling, into an incredibly pleasing one. It felt amazing, like an inner self-massage.

I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy considering how deep and personal the topics we were discussing. I realised how impactful talking to her about these things was. It was exactly what I needed.

I had a massive Aha! moment. I was struggling with many thoughts of inadequacy and a sense of being stuck, which I had been attributing to myself and what I thought was a lack of ability.

However, I discovered that all those feelings were not mine and simply a product of my culture, family, past, and upbringing. It was so liberating to release all that and free myself from all that crap (excuse the vulgarity). I was claiming myself, gaining access to awesome feelings that actually do belong to me and are within my rights, by simply letting go of those that weren’t mine. A proper epiphany!

My experience felt personalised, focused, and very unique. It was all about me and how I felt, and Rosie had an impressive ability to listen and recall exactly the things I said. So, it was super easy to connect the dots.

I felt changed and craving for more! I’m more focused, “on top” of my emotions, lighter, more confident, and motivated! I haven’t stopped working towards my dreams and goals. Fearlessly and with certainty, I’m on the right track and everything is working! Thank you so much, Rosie!


You so generously carry the Light into all you do and all you are. All of life is nurtured by your candle-blazing heart, mind, and soul. I can testify to this truth!

I absorb your words — drinking them as if they were a magic elixir. You have so much experience, perspective, and wisdom to offer. The generosity of your listening fortified this renewed, expanded context for my work. My ‘inspired will’ that I have been intending is flowing, rushing toward me.

The deep privilege of being coached, mentored, and encouraged by you is not lost on me. I am deeply conscious, aware of the exquisite gift of being in your elevated presence. It is not just luck to be someone encouraged by you — it is no less than a miraculous demonstration of Grace. Grace in Action is who you are and what you embody in all ways.

So grateful you are in the world and so lucky to be among those who have been nourished by your attentive care, inspiring encouragement, and amazing support.

Thank you for being a Divine constellation of love and light… for your presence and bearing witness… and for being a safe, trustworthy place… walking beside me.

Finally, thank you for shepherding souls through the portal of discovery, of rebirth in seeing and being — and for clearing the runway for take-off and emergence!

You are one of the chosen pioneers, Rosie.

— L.C., CEO, Board Member, University Professor, NEW YORK CITY