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Corporate / Organizational Training

Rosie is part of a global network of corporate consultants trained by Dr. Joe Dispenza, New York Times best-selling author, lecturer, and researcher, to teach organizations how to apply the neuroscience of change to increase employee engagement, collaboration, creativity, productivity, and ultimately — business results.

NCS consultants have worked with Cisco, Sony, Coca-Cola, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, USAID, Rackspace, Microsoft, Pfizer, Heineken, and many more – in the corporate, non-profit, healthcare, government, education, and small business sectors.

Organizations who benefit from working with NCS believe that:

– Daily stress is “death by 1000 cuts” and know there is a better way to collaborate to meet performance goals.
– Sustainable change only happens from the inside out, individually and collectively.
– Upgrading employees’ habits drive an organization’s ability to adapt and thrive.

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Rosie dedicates her life to helping people break free from stress, anxiety, and overwhelm to create a dream life. Why?

After years of being stressed and in chronic pain, she hit rock bottom. Then she discovered how to heal herself (in every sense of the word) naturally – and it changed her body and life forever. Her health and medical team could not believe the results!

It is the reason why she is passionate about the power at the nexus of neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, heart-mind coherence, and spirituality to heal bodies, elevate minds, and transform lives.

One of Rosie’s greatest joys is guiding, supporting, and celebrating her clients and their lightbulb moments of self-affirmation and inspiration. When she witnesses their sparkle and ongoing transformation, she is always humbled and in awe.

Cycles of self-limiting beliefs, fear, and uncertainty keep you from fully being you. Indeed, you can overcome and change anything in your life, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Are you ready to say yes to yourself? To jump into the unknown (where all possibilities hang out!) – but knowing that you’ve got someone rooting for you non-stop? And to be amazed when you discover how powerful you always have been – and perhaps just forgot?

Imagine the possibilities…

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Keynote Speeches

With the wild success of Rosie’s inspirational keynotes and her best-selling books, she is available to speak to your organization and is taking bookings for 2022. Her seminal keynote ― Quantum Possibilities: Can I Connect, Heal and Create with the Unified Field?™️ ― is hailed as “simply revolutionary” and “incredibly energizing in what it tells us about our power and possibilities as humanity.”

Prepare your audience to be at once uplifted and enthralled, as well as propelled, to become full expressions of themselves in their lives and work.  This keynote is a doorway to the future.

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